JAMKHANDI SUGARS LIMITED was incorporated in 1993 to establish a Sugar cum Co-generation project in backward rural area (about 20 kms. From Jamkhandi town) which would serve as a powerful media for augmenting the socio-economic prosperity of the farmers in particular and of the industrial backward Bagalkot-Bijapur district in general. Shri. S B Nyamagouda, MLA, Jamkhandi (Former Union Dy. Minister for Coal) the Chairman who promoted the company with the association of local farmers and general public has engaged himself in socio-economic development of this region since 20 years. Construction of Chikkapadasalgi and Heggur barrages on co-operative basis with the help of farmers are his recorded contributions. The unique experiment of ‘Self-help’ at Chikkapadasalgi brought 35000 acres of land under irrigation and solved drinking water problem of 30 villages. The benefit of the above 35000 acres (under cultivation) would be available for Jamkhandi Sugars Limited in terms of growing sugarcane. The sugar mill needs about 15000 acres of sugarcane of 100% capacity utilization. M/s. Jamakhandi Sugars Ltd. is one of the most progressive sugar industry in the state of Karnataka, having started its operations in 1993.The trial production was taken up during April May 2001 & commercial production during October 2001. JSL has a sugar mill with a crushing capacity of 2500 TCD & Co-generation plant of 12 MW capacities. The company is proposed to expand its capacity from 2500TCD to 5000 TCD and additional 17.5 MW Co-generation. JSL has been registered under Companies Act, 1956 vide Registration No. 08/14570 on 26th July 1993. The Sugar factory is located at Hirepadasalagi village situated about 20 Kms from Jamakhandi town, Bagalkot district. The site is at a distance of 5 Kms from Bijapur –Dharwad state highway. River Krishna is flowing at a distance of 3 Kms from the site.

  • M/s Jamkhandi Sugars Limited, a registered Public Limited Company has established a sugar mill with a capacity of 2500 TCD sugar plant with a co-generation of 12.3 MW. The company is now expending its capacity from 2500 TCD to 5000 TCD and co-generation from 12.3 MW to 30 MW.
  • M/s Jamkhandi Sugars Limited is also setting up a distillery unit of 60 KLPD, which will start its first commercial production by October 2015.
  • M.S. Jamkhandi Sugars Limited has set up a new Unit of 3500 TCD with a Co-generation of 27 MW under the name Jamkhandi Sugars Ltd Unit II. Located in Nad K D Village, Indi Taluk, Bihapur District, Karnataka.
  • JSL has been registered with the Register of Companies under Companies Act, 1956 vide Registration No. 08/14570 on 26th July 1993. A letter of intent has been issued on 31st March 1994, which was extended upto July 1998.
  • The sugar factory is located at Hirepadasalgi village situated about 20 Kms. from Jamkhandi town, Bagalkot district in an area of 149.825 Acres. The site is at a distance of 5 Kms from Bijapur-Dharwad state highway and adjacent to the link road connecting Chikkapadasalgi and Savalgi villages. River Krishna is flowing at a distance 5 kms from the site.