Jamkhandi Sugars Ltd has a 12 MW Power generation Capacity out of which 4.5 MW is captive & remaining 7.5MW is exportable to grid. During the Non crushing season 6 MW power being generated by using saved Bagasse which approximately runs for about 1 month. During this period captive power demand is 1 MW & Surplus power, 5 MW is exported to grid. There are 2 Turbine for generating power out of which one Turbine of 6 MW capacity is an imported Turbine from Japan which is used for exporting Power to grid. And the second Turbine is of 6 MW which is an Indian make; this is used for the internal consumption. In addition to 12 M.W JSL is adding 17.5 M.W Power Generation to the existing 12 M.W which accounts to total Generation of 29.5 M.W.

Carbon Credit:

The emission of Carbon credit from the Boiler is the main culprit to create global warning and it will explore at any time and at any place. In order to minimize the CO2 emission, The UNFCC is encouraging the Co-generation plant to produce power by way of utilizing bagasse to the maximum extent by doing this Co2 is reduced. For the above method of Power Generation and Power Export to the grid, UNFCC is encouraging by way of subsidy and giving development funds for the successful factories in India and other countries.

We are proud to state that in spite of very rigid norms of UNFCC, ours is the only company in north Karnataka to get registered at UNFCC-UK and the certificate is given by UNFCC-UK for our Factory eligibility.