Jamkhandi Sugars Limited is known for its high quality, hygiene and good taste with less than 100 icumsa of crysral clear sugar. Our sugar meets the international standard of very low NSR (Non Soluble Residue) which is less than 20 PPM. Sugar manufacturing process at our plants takes place under strict quality control measures and produced sugar is nowhere touched by hands. We are always among the first to adopt latest equipment and technology to ensure that our product quality is nothing but the best. Our sugar is crystal clear and known to be sweeter & healthier than many other sugar brands.

We produce M-30, S1-30 and S2-30 grades of sugar out of which maximum production is of '30' coloured sugar grade. (30 is the best colour standard fixed by the Government of India). Sugar grading is done based on colour and grain size. We are producing aproximately 20Lacs quantals of sugar every year.


Molasses is a Bi-Product of our sugar factory. It was obtained in the preparation of sugar through repeated crystallization. We are producing 'A' grade of molasses. This molasses is used as raw materail for Ethanol production.